About Broad

Broad is the premier publication dedicated to the life, style and beauty needs of mature Australian women.

We seek to change dated and inaccurate perceptions of ageing, and inspire women to embrace their unique style by consistently delivering a quality, language neutral periodical where age is no barrier.

Women aged fifty plus are tired of the way brands communicate with them, feeling either patronised or completely ignored. There’s been a cultural shift in how we view ageing yet this narrative is not being reflected in the mainstream, or by retailers.

Why Digital? I much prefer a printed magazine

We love print too. That’s why we are planning a printed issue, to complement our digital suite. Sign up to our mailing list to be keep ahead of news and updates.

In the meantime, a digital magazine has many unique benefits. You can read it on your laptop, or through our own Broad Magazine App on your tablet or smartphone.

It’s portable, and unlike a blog, does not need an internet connection to be read once its downloaded. And let’s face it, is much more easy on the eye. No endless passages of tiny words, and advertising popping up and flashing all over the place like a casino fruit machine.

We Plan on Keeping it Real

Broad Magazine is proudly produced by an independant publisher based in Melbourne. We are not sponsored, or affiliated with any brands in a way that would provide preferential exposure. We may add advertising along the
way of course but will only work with ethical companies that align with our values and brand message.

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