Issue 01 Summer 2017 -- Digital Version

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Linda Rodin – This lipstick clad 68 year-old style icon and beauty entrepreneur shatters all preconceptions of what older women can or cannot wear.

Kerrie Stanley – An interview with the Melbourne Milliner, and Queen of Hats, about how she found her niche by bucking tradition. And raiding gardens.

Chinese-Australian artist Lindy Lee is one of Australia's foremost contemporary artists. Lee talks to Broad about her childhood in 1950's Brisbane, and how her artistic process became vital to defining her sense of self.

+ Stylist Nikki Parkinson reminds us style doesn't have a use-by date.
+ When city-style moves to the country, Deborah Gates on her stylish murmurs.
+ Travelling solo in your fifties? Nadine Cresswell-Myatt Airbnb's around the UK.

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