Issue 05 Summer 2018 -- Digital Version

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Denise Drysdale – Having lit our screens with her madcap, bone dry brand of humour for the last five decades, the beloved entertainer talks to Neha Kale about why we need to laugh now more than ever.

Margaret Porritt – The Feathers founder has been dressing Australian women in her sophisticated designs for over 45 years. She chats to Lisa Cugnetto about being in the business of 'change' and how this enabled her to create a fashion brand that endured multiple recessions.

Alyson Walsh – Fashion journalist and creator of popular blog That's Not My Age, Alyson talks to us about her new book Know Your Style, and explains how style can be practised in the same way one might ‘fine tune a yoga move or perfect a recipe’.

Melinda Keyte gets an insight into the life of Lois Olney, the indigenous jazz and blues singer who's family heritage was revealed to her via a secret message handed to her by a family member from Roeburme who recognised baby Brenda at one of her gigs.

Benita Orwell, the brightest and most tenacious Masterchef contestant chats to Casey Rafferty about her time on the popular show, and how food has been a consistent bond that has tied both family, friends and purpose.

Wholefoods and macrobiotic chef Holly Davis talks to Broad about her interest in preserving and fermenting long before kombucha was the health buzz-word du jour, and her ethos that one of he most primary and potentially pleasurable relationships in our lives is what we nourish our bodies with.

Nadine Cresswell-Myatt Airbnb's her way around the world, gaining an insight into the financial and person freedom offered to mature women by the sharing economy, and why women over 50 top the rankings as hosts on the popular accommodation service time and time again.

+ Bohemian Summer with Sharryn Morris-Claire, The Stylish Woman. The Melbourne based stylist truly comes alive in the summer months, using colour and fabric to create head-turning looks that are part gypsy, part urban edge.

+ Edgy at 50, we interview Claudine Calliebot, the edgiest 50-something in Geelong, about her unique femme-punk style, an her recent foray into personal styling for other women.

+ Social media can be littered with all manner of virtual land-mines. Deborah Chambers navigates Facebook etiquette for the uninitiated.

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